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Robert Hodgson Memorial Race - Report and Results

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By Arch - Posted on 20 November 2016

A top quality field (in all grades), perfect weather, and fast crit racing were the perfect combination to honour the life of NSCC legend Rob Hodgson. The 4th Robert Hodgson Memorial Race was a fitting tribute to Rob with the cream of Sydney and the Central Coast's bike racers competing for the ultimate prize.

With awesome prizemoney and prizes on offer - courtesy of our generous sponsors, MOITS, Thornleigh Autobody and Cyclery Northside - the intensity of racing was even higher.

In A grade this resembled an NRS open, and the race pace was just as hot - the boys averaged 43.3km/hour which is sizzling on a course with two hairpins at each end. Riders lost count of the number of moves as attack after attack tried to splinter the bunch, but the breaks were not sticking and each time the bunch came back together as riders sucked in the big ones to recover for the next move.

The one break that nearly paid off was Jessie Coyle's gutsy move a few laps out and for a while it looked like his courage was going to pay off. However his heroics couldn't hold off the bunch kick where the GPM boys - Reece Robinson and Cam Ivory - timed their sprints to perfection and went 1,2 in a fast finish. You could have thrown a hanky over the top 10 as the speed at the finish was breathtaking.

B grade resembled a normal A grade with many hitters in the bunch and it showed. The pace was also blinding and many attacks looked like breaking it up. Early in the race Ran Virdi and Stu Grieve went very long - like two laps from the start - in a move to dish out the pain and it showed on the faces of the chasing bunch who looked like bulldogs chewing wasps.....big ugly pain faces all round.

With a lap to go it looked like a winning solo off the front but again the bunch calculated the chase perfectly and in a bunch kick Phil Hey from CCCC showed his class and the turbo kicked in to outsprint the field.

C grade was also super quick - race pace for a normal B grade race - and there was no place for people to hide. Lots of attacks and moves that tried to stay away but they didn't work. Even Alexis Kaless from MWCC went off the front, which had to be brought back or we would never have heard the end of it on social media if he'd stayed away.

In a fast sprint finish - over 60km/hour - Lee (used to be a hoax) Watts showed he is the man as he held of the wannabes for a classy win. NSCC went 1-2-3.

In the women's race a quality field turned out to show what they can do and their pace was awesome. At one stage they came through the C and B bunches in their final laps and their legs must have been burning as the pain was on. In yet another sprint finish Samara Sheppard showed her MTB form works on bitumen as she rolled the bunch with a show of power and style.

Big thanks to the helpers today who made this special event even more special

Janet Lindsay
Chris Burnheim
Jason Stephens
Neil Aldridge (again)
Cam Osbourne
Gary Keating and
George Mouyahet

Also thanks to Rich Makin for being the driving force - with Craig Stevens - behind this year;s race. Mark Craig was smooth as silk as the MC, but lose the shirt Mark.


A Grade

1st Reece Robinson HDCC
2nd Cameron Ivory HDCC
3rd Gary Millburn PSCC
4th Dan Cranfield CCCC
5th Dan Newman NSCC
Prime Michael Potter NSCC

B Grade

1st Phil Hey CCCC
2nd Jason Hotten SuVelo CC
3rd Lachlan McKillop MTBA
Prime Michael Brown

C Grade

1st Lee Watts NSCC
2nd Richard Lack NSCC
3rd Mike Israel NSCC
Prime Lee Watts

Women's Grade

1st Samara Sheppard ICC
2nd Angela Smith PSCC
3rd Fiona Caroline Morris MTBA
Prime Fiona Caroline Morris

Best Mountain Bike