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Beauie Results - 4th December

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By Arch - Posted on 04 December 2016

On this the first Sunday of summer, the atmosphere at Beauie was festive as the riders lined up for the final Beauie of 2016.

The Commissaire Phil Youdale decided to shake up everyone - especially those sally sit-ons who were planning to bludge then hit the bunch sprint - by announcing a four grade handicap.

The anticipation was palpable as everyone knew that a handicap at Beauie equals 45 minutes of sheer pain. And so it turned out.

A big C grade bunch was feeling confident of holding back the barbarians from A and B grades and were rolling strongly. They soon ate up D grade and were impressive in their drive through the turns to build what looked like a safe lead. However despite the urgings of Bob Santone, John Penn and Paul Craft they were caught by B Grade with 4 laps to go.

B grade had a small bunch of six who were driving a rolling paceline from the gun - under the leadership of Rich Makin - and with average speed over 40km/hour they surged through C grade looking the goods to take the win. But as often happens, once the B graders went past C grade, they started chopping it up and slowly but surely the large A grade bunch got closer and closer.

Sure enough, a little over 2 laps out the A graders under Matt Garnon's grinding, wound in the B grade bunch - most of whom jumped onto A - and then it was a question of who was going to win the bunch kick.

Then on the bottom turn, a rider went down and caused a split in the bunch which was exploited by the hard A graders and it was then a question of who had the nerves to wait for the moment to kick.

On the final lap Matty Johnston was showing no fear and smacked it from the turn, but it was Jeff Nakajima who showed cool calm and cunning, and gassed it at the last turn. The bunch started looking at each other but it was too late to reel Jeff in and the chasing bunch was left to fight out the minor places.

Final results were:

1st Jeff Nakajima NSCC
2nd Matt Glanville RBCC
3rd Carl Smith NSCC

So a great finish for the 2016 Beauie race season. Thanks to the Commissaires, traffic controllers and St John's Ambulance for being there all year.

Special recognition to Craig Stevens our Beauie Coordinator for running Beauie week after week, and also George Mouyahet our Club Pres for being ever-pres to set up Beauie.

Cycling is run by dedicated volunteers who are the core of this great sport.

Watch this page for details of the 2017 Beauie race calendar. See you in 2017

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Nice write up Arch, thanks. 45 mins of pain about sums it up

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