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NSCC Takes On State Masters Champs in Orange

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By Arch - Posted on 21 April 2017

This weekend sees the NSW state masters championships in Orange. Riders compete in 3 disciplines - Road Race, Criterium and Individual Time Trial

NSCC has a really solid team of entrants - all of whom are capable of getting on the podium in their respective age divisions (no pressure boys).

For those who have raced masters categories, you'll know how tough it is and how tactically smart you need to be to take the race.

Masters racing has many former National and Olympic champs so just because someone might have a few wrinkles, doesn't mean that the racing is anything other than top class.

This year our gun entrants are:

Simon Davies MMAS4
- Geezer has been in good form posting solid results at Tour of Mansfield, Landsdowne etc
- Sportsbet won't take any bets on Geezer getting in the break, or on him contesting the sprint
- if Geezer podiums we will buy him a Garmin and a watch

Stuart Grieve MMAS3
- the professor has been using his forensic medical knowledge to plan every metre of his ITT ride and you can be sure he will not leave anything on the road in the road race or ITT
- we hope Stu has serviced his drivetrain this weekend as his pedal-stomping creates havoc on his gear

Tai Huynh MMAS2
- the Taibonator will be chewing stem (carbon IS vegan ok?) in his events and will put putting the power down in his characteristic drive-at-all-costs style
- expect Tai to drive the pain train hard and break up the bunch

Andy Logan MMAS1
- the owner of the world's longest socks, Andy has been on a strict diet (yep he was a porker as we know) and has been in hot form as he looks to maxmimise his watts per kilo ratio to get on the podium
- Andy is capable of a big result here

Harrison Morgan MMAS2
- Harro has set the benchmark with his recent form including 3rd in the NSW road titles Div 2
- he is also the National silver medallist in the ITT so we expect a hot result here
- his Tour of Mansfield results were also huge given he was crook as a dog and we know Harro has perfected the art of suffering so he will be in the mix

Dave O'Connell MMAS5
- Doc is looking to bring his impeccable MTB pedigree to the road and also translate his current hot form to a podium in Orange
- while Doc has some solid competition in the age group, he has the strength and speed to spring a surprise in the road race

Craig Stevens MMAS5
- Craig has been honing his skills for a raid on the state crit as a speciality event
- on the day Craig can do anything and a smart race from him will see him in the mix in this

Jason Thomas MMAS1
- Jason is a dark horse who has no doubt been doing many secret miles in a bid to shake up the field in masters 1. Rumour has it Jason has been listening to his mentor Tai - so dont be surprised by a good result here

Ran Virdi MMAS3
- the Welsh Whisperer knows what it takes to win at the top level and has a pedigree second to none
- Ran's power-to-weight ratio is the envy of us all and if his glands hold up, then expect he and Stu Grieve to shake up Masters 3

Please wish our state representatives the best of luck. Andy Logan (apart from competing) will be posting results as they come to hand

Best Mountain Bike