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Battle of the Bridge Round One - Moral Victory to NSCC

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By Arch - Posted on 25 June 2017

Yesterday the mighty NSCC warriors travelled into enemy territory to defend our dominance of the Sydney inter-club race series - the Battle of the Bridge Round 1 at Heffron.

A massive bunch rolled down the Pacific Highway en route to Heffron - it was an amazing sight. Our hosts at Heffron RBCC put on a very well-organised race considering it was a sellout in all grades. They even organised a free sausage sizzle (sorry Tai - no vegan snags) and beers which was very hospitable.

The day started well for NSCC in D grade with Cam Osborne showing the field a clean pair of pedals on the last lap by riding everyone off his wheel for a solo victory - well done Cam.

In C grade, the field resembled a normal B grade bunch with a sizzling pace creating big splits and there were plenty of wrecked bodies by the end of the race. NSCC was well represented at the front of the bunch with Mark Withford showing his strength and taking plenty of turns up there dishing out the pain milkshakes. In the end it came down to a bunch sprint (or so we thought), and in a classy display Minh Dinh showed that his recent Beauie sprint form was no fluke as he turned on the turbo charge to out-sprint the field..........but wait, the Commissaire gave the win to an RBCC rider who happened to jump onto the B grade bunch when they overtook C grade and somehow got away with it despite the loud protestations from the C grade riders.

He should have been DQ'd but the race organisers declared him the winner with Minh being awarded 2nd - rough justice Minh and in everyone's eyes you were the rightful winner.

B grade was more like a regular club A grade, and from the gun it was on. The pre-race plan set out by Captain Matt Garnon was soon thrown out as the attacks just kept on coming. Our protected sprinters were well positioned early on but after 3 laps an 8-man break formed led by Simon Geezer Davies and Matt Garnon. They absolutely tore up the bitumen and created carnage in the main bunch who quickly had no chance of bridging across and they put more and more time into the peloton.

By lap 10 riders were popping off like fleas off a dog - including yours truly and the cyber bully Alexis from MWCC - and the break had a minute on the bunch. Simon Davies was drilling it up front and soon the break was down to six. After ripping the last lap Simon's massive ticker finally gave out and he finished behind the 5 riders contesting the sprint. Matt Garnon came 4th, missing 3rd by a whisker, and was kicking himself for getting caught in the wind on the sprint - next time Matty.

The A grade field was a who's who of Sydney racing and the pace was indescribable - it was brutally fast and soon the splits started to appear. Early on Mick Cupitt got in an early move that looked like sticking but the quality field was having none of that and brought the race back together. There was plenty of action from the NSCC hitters like Angus Calder, Tom Green, Stu Grieve and the Taibonator to name a few.

But after several lung-bursting attacks a six man break finally stuck and they soon put heaps of time into the bunch - NSCC had current NSW U23 champ Michael Potter in the break and the pain was evident on everyone's face. The chasing bunch led by Jake Kauffmann and Stu Grieve were stomping the pedals but it made not difference as the quality break, including Michael, Naz, Jesse Coyle and Chris Miller made sure no one was going to bridge across. As the race went into the last 3 laps, somehow Chris Miller slipped off the front - I make it sound simple but one minute the break was together, the next Chris was up the road - and finally Chris went away for a classy solo win.

In the sprint for minor placings Michael Potter was winding up to unleash when the riders pushed him across the track and into the dirt - we shall give those responsible the benefit of the doubt - but Michael showed his form and managed to recover to get up for 3rd. Excellent effort Michael - Beauie on the 16th will be different.

Again thanks to the 32 NSCC riders who made the trip across town - and also to pur RBSS hosts.

Next round is at Beauie on 16th July where we will surely extract revenge.

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